St Patricks Day Dress Shirts

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St Patricks Day Dress Shirts St Patricks Day Dress Shirts were not a common thing just a couple years ago. We started manufacturing dress shirts in the USA in 2013. Shortly after we had many requests to make custom shirts that cater to the St Patricks Day holiday. In 2014 we introduced the [...]

Halloween Dress Shirts

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Halloween Dress Shirts Halloween has become a quite popular holiday these days. There have been many customs for Halloween but what about a classier way to dress for the holiday? At Anton Alexander, we have been plotting some ideas for some time now and we have finally created a couple of styles that you can [...]

Dress Shirt Fit Guide

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Dress Shirt Fit Guide      A dress shirt fit guide in this day and age is more complicated than ever before. The trendy shirt fit in the 80-90's was what they called regular fit, or a box or square cut. The shirt was baggy around the body and not very flattering. The [...]

Breast Cancer Shirts For Men

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Breast Cancer Shirts For Men Over the years, a loop of pink ribbon has come to symbolize breast cancer awareness, and today the image of a pink ribbon can be found emblazoned on thousands of products, from apparel to dishware to office supplies. Breast Cancer Awareness has come [...]

Finally, Dress Shirts for Valentines Day

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Finally, Dress Shirts for Valentines Day It's 2016, and its time for diversity! But in the many years that have passed, there hasn't been too much diversity in menswear. We decided to create quality American made dress shirts that fit a certain theme or holiday. Upon searching the internet, we found there are no companies [...]

Kickstarter, A Success!

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Kickstarter, A Success!  After 30 days, we surpassed our goal by 158% and raised $11,000 for Anton Alexander! This was the proof that Anton needed that his designs had a market. The battle is only beginning. The odds of making a successful campaign are hard enough, but now he had to create production for his [...]

Kickstarter, The Proof of Concept

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Kickstarter, The Proof of Concept  In the early stages when Anton was researching the concept of a clothing company. He put on fashion shows, traveled the country, and spent many nights talking to vendors all over the world. Everything is coming together for a proof of concept. The only problem is, it's not cheap to [...]

Custom Dress Shirts for Father’s Day

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Custom Dress Shirts for Father's Day Whether you're a dad or you're planning on hanging with your dad for Father's Day, some style is always necessary. Buying gifts for your dad can be incredibly hard, and while taking the easy road with a tie or coffee cuff sounds tempting, why not do something really special for your [...]

Fitted vs Modern Fit Dress Shirts

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  Fitted vs Modern Fit Dress Shirts Many customers call to ask us what is the difference between fitted vs modern fit dress shirts. We decided to create this blog post to explain the differences. Our Fitted vs Modern Fit Dress Shirt sizing structure was designed based on the popular trends of how a dress shirt should [...]