Halloween Dress Shirts

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Halloween Dress Shirts Halloween has become a quite popular holiday these days. There have been many customs for Halloween but what about a classier way to dress for the holiday? At Anton Alexander, we have been plotting some ideas for some time now and we have finally created a couple of styles that you can [...]

Dress Shirt Fit Guide

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Dress Shirt Fit Guide      A dress shirt fit guide in this day and age is more complicated than ever before. The trendy shirt fit in the 80-90's was what they called regular fit, or a box or square cut. The shirt was baggy around the body and not very flattering. The [...]

Kickstarter, A Success!

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Kickstarter, A Success!  After 30 days, we surpassed our goal by 158% and raised $11,000 for Anton Alexander! This was the proof that Anton needed that his designs had a market. The battle is only beginning. The odds of making a successful campaign are hard enough, but now he had to create production for his [...]

Kickstarter, The Proof of Concept

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Kickstarter, The Proof of Concept  In the early stages when Anton was researching the concept of a clothing company. He put on fashion shows, traveled the country, and spent many nights talking to vendors all over the world. Everything is coming together for a proof of concept. The only problem is, it's not cheap to [...]