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Kickstarter, The Proof of Concept

2017-02-10T10:18:06-04:00Categories: Kickstarter|

Kickstarter, The Proof of Concept  In the early stages when Anton was researching the concept of a clothing company. He put on fashion shows, traveled the country, and spent many nights talking to vendors all over the world. Everything is coming together for a proof of concept. The only problem is, it's not cheap to [...]

Men’s Holiday Dress Shirts

2018-10-11T16:52:34-04:00Categories: Holiday & Special Occassions|

Men's Holiday Dress Shirts Men's Christmas and Holiday Dress Shirts As Christmas and Holidays are near, everyone is requesting shirts that men can wear to special events or holiday occasions. Even wear in spirit of the holidays! Anton Alexander has developed many designer shirts just for these occasions. Each shirt has uniquely designed to be [...]

Made In The USA Apparel Trending Fast!

2018-10-19T17:11:18-04:00Categories: Made In USA, Press|

Made In The USA Apparel Trending Fast! People sometimes say that they don't care where their apparel is made. But that may not be the case anymore. As the USA made apparel trend becomes viral, news start to pick up the stories from small businesses across the country. The biggest reason why most apparel companies make their [...]