Anton-Alexander-fitFitted vs Modern Fit Dress Shirts

Many customers call to ask us what is the difference between fitted vs modern fit dress shirts. We decided to create this blog post to explain the differences.

Our Fitted vs Modern Fit Dress Shirt sizing structure was designed based on the popular trends of how a dress shirt should fit.

The Bottom Of The Shirts

The bottom is tapered more on the sides and hangs just low enough to tuck the shirt in or can be left untucked as a style as well. Both fitted and modern fit are the same.

Difference Between Fitted & Modern Fit

Based on the trendy European fitting dress shirt, we adopted and two most popular fits and made some tweaks to them. 

  • Sleeves: The fitted will have about .5″ less circumference in the bicep area of the arms over the modern fit.
  • Sleeve Length:  No difference.
  • Shoulders: The fitted will be .5″ more tight in the shoulders.
  • Chest: The fitted is 1″ tighter in the chest compared to the modern fit.
  • Waist: The biggest difference is in the waist. The fitted is 4″ tighter in the waist over the modern fit. Keep in mind the shirt waist is different from the pant waist. The shirt waist is measured around the widest part, or the belly button area.
  • Neck: No difference.


As you can see the biggest difference in Fitted vs Modern Fit Dress Shirts is in the waist.

Dress Shirts Made in the USA

If you decide to purchase an Anton Alexander shirt and find that it does not fit, we will take care of you. We understand it is tough to get sized up online, even with all the digital sizing guides on the market. We have a vertical production operation. That means we make every shirt to order and are able to customize any part of a shirt to get the fit perfect for you.

We will make as many size adjustments as necessary at no cost until we get your sizing perfect.

Then we will keep your information on file for future orders. We focus on customer satisfaction, and will do our best to make the shirts fit you perfectly.

Fitted vs Modern Fit Dress shirts

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