About Anton Alexander


Proudly Made in the USA!

  • Fastest production time in the country.
  • High quality production standards.
  • Bringing jobs back from sweat shops overseas and creating jobs here.
  • Ability to make custom fit and design at no additional cost.
  • Fast trend to market! See it on TV as a new trend? Now you can wear it in a couple days.
  • We offer free returns and exchanges to keep our customers happy no matter what it takes.

About Anton Alexander

    • Company Registered February 2008.


    Double Button Design

    We use thick plastic buttons with Anton Alexander etched on each button with a brass chrome plated ring on each button.


    It’s All In The Details

    We use poly/nylon coated thread for more strength and beautiful shine. 2 Layers of double ply woven interfacing for the most crisp collars and cuffs. Woven metallic thread branding labels. Our cufflinks we give with each French cuff shirt order are chrome plated stainless steel.


    Fine Shirting Fabrics

    We spent 2 years researching different fabric mills all over the world and ended up sourcing some of the finest and brightest bottoms from all over the world. Our cottons are primarily 2-ply designs including twills, herringbones, oxfords, and fine supremo with a sheen finish.

    Contrast Fabrics

     Hundreds of Fine Contrast Fabric Options

    We traveled all over the world to be able to research trendy prints that are in the fashion industry and even the furniture industry and created a massive amount of different fabric options for every type of personality or occasion.

    Anton Alexander Buttonholes

    Purl Stitch Buttonholes – A Higher Standard

    We use twice as many stitches per button hole as the normal market standard. We also use contrast stitching thread to match the contrast colors of the shirt. The buttonholes are a nice snug fit.


    Quality Control – Small Things Add Up

    We quality control every single thread on our dress shirts. In most cases, after a shirt is produced, they press and ship them without trimming the small threads. They do that because it takes 6-7% more production time and most companies don’t care to spend the money on the little details. We don’t care how long it takes to make a shirt because we focus on quality instead of quantity. We even use a special waterproof liquid to secure the buttons on the back even after they are knotted on.




    We Design For All Occasions

    • Weddings
    • Nightlife
    • Business
    • Special Occasions