Dress Shirt Patterns Are Perfected For Production



The goal was to create the best possible fitting dress shirt. This is very hard to do when there are so many different sized people in this world. Therefore the best option is to create something that is a trendy and a popular fit with many options of the fit. We decided to offer sizes from XS to XXL. We also decided to create two different fits, fitted and modern fit. 26 total pattern pieces to create one dress shirt. 

The Fit


Our shirt sizing is fairly standard to the shirt market in terms of neck and sleeve size in correlation to size XS-XXL. The trendy aspect of the fit is the more tapered cut around the entire body. 

The Bottom Of The Shirts

The bottom is tapered more on the sides and hangs just low enough to tuck the shirt in or can be left untucked as a style as well. Both fitted and modern fit are the same.

The Dress Shirt CollarUnique-Dress-ShirtsThe Dress Shirt Barrel CuffsUnique-Mens-Dress-Shirts

The Dress Shirt French Cuffs


Difference Between Fitted & Modern Fit

The sizing is based off of the current trendy and more popular European shirts and generally fit more “fitted” regardless. Of course the modern fit is a bit more relaxed.

Sleeves: The fitted will have about .5″ less circumference in the arms over the modern fit.

Chest:  The Fitted is 1″ tighter in the chest compared to the modern fit.

Waist: The biggest difference is here, the fitted is 4″ tighter in the waist over the modern fit

Neck: No difference

Sleeve Length:  No difference

As you can see the biggest difference is in the waist. If you decide to purchase one of the sizes and find that it does not fit. We understand it is tough to get sized up online, even with all the digital sizing guides on the market. We will make sizing adjustments necessary as many times as we need to for free until we get your sizing right. Then we will keep your information on file for future orders. We focus on customer satisfaction, and will do our best to make the shirts fit you perfectly.

These shirts have no shortcuts on the attention to detail. We purchased all new computerized Juki industrial sewing equipment to be able to craft the best possible quality in the fit and finish.