Kickstarter, The Proof of Concept 

In the early stages when Anton was researching the concept of a clothing company. He put on fashion shows, traveled the country, and spent many nights talking to vendors all over the world. Everything is coming together for a proof of concept. The only problem is, it’s not cheap to start an apparel production company. It’s even worse to know the process of production and everything to goes into it. 

Anton decided that the best way to know if it will work is to create a Kickstarter campaign. He set a goal of $6,800 as the basis it would take to purchase just one of the 7 machines necessary to professionally produce designer dress shirts. He also set a timeframe of only 30 days. He was anxious to get the ball rolling. 

So why not, let’s give it a go and see if it works! On December 26th 2012, Anton Alexander, where business meets character campaign was born!