The Anton Alexander Story


Four years ago, Anton Babich created Anton Alexander. Alexander is Anton’s middle name as well as his Father and Brother’s first name. From the beginning, the company started with a unique tie collection that held a different name label. Originally, the product was made completely overseas for the sole purpose of less expensive labor. However, as time went on, we decided to take production back to the USA! It was our desire to create more jobs here in America.

The idea of the line came to Anton when he worked for a company where he needed to dress in business attire. At that time, it was his opinion that there was only one word to describe the general business attire, BORING. Did professional men in America feel that they must wear nothing but black or navy suits with a solid color shirt? After extensive research, he discovered that if you wanted something unique, and edgy with a classy twist, it was very hard to find.

He set out to push innovation to the next level. He created the perfect style of men’s wear blending bold and vibrant characteristics with lots of attention to detail. The trick is maintaining class and quality. The ideal dress shirt should be something you really enjoy wearing. Something you can proudly wear out after work to a social event or occasion! Anton has put together many fashion shows. For two consecutive years, his unique collection has been showcased during the Midwest Fashion week. His passion has led the Anton Alexander collection to receive an outstanding amount of press locally as well as in national magazine publications.

Our Vision

What you wear makes a huge impact on your attitude as well as what others think about you. That is why Anton Alexander designs make a loud statement and empower your attitude with confidence. Each item is crafted with impeccable attention to detail with a very vibrant yet classy twist, all for the purpose to make you feel very powerful and bold. With the use of innovative tactics to bring the most modernized feel with unique fabric blends, notions, and trim in a way that has never been done before in menswear. Men’s fashion has not had innovation in many years. This is a new era, and it is time for a shift in men’s fashion.

We want to create a new platform where we can deliver designer, high-quality fashion, made in America, faster, and for much less than the competition. Instead of selling to a retailer and them marketing it up, we will go directly to you as the customer and be able to deliver a custom design shirt for almost half the cost by cutting out the middle man.

Design Innovation

 What makes Anton Alexander Shirts unique?

Visually Obvious Principles: Every shirt has a ton of detail from unique design elements of the cuffs and collar to the double buttons and contrast colored stitching. Even notions are used in ways never seen in men’s fashion. When color is used for the shirt, it is the brightest possible colors on the market.

Pattern For Fit: The traditional shirt pattern has been strategically tailored to fit your body better and even look better.

Fabric Innovation: Some styles are compressed with unique blends. Of course, we do use 100% super fine cotton with finishes that give it a gorgeous shine. But we also use cotton blended with synthetics for unique looks and easy care.

The Active Collection 

Most people these days live in a very fast-paced world. Everyone is trying to find a way to live more convenient, but in the business world, this is hard to do. Let’s face it, everyone loves to look good and professional! We want to create a shirt that is basically perfect for all occasions from business to personal. The physical elements used in the shirt construction will allow you to wear it anywhere. This ranges in any indoor & outdoor temperature with full comfort and still be able to look great without shortcutting any style characteristics.

What’s the secret?

We started experimenting with knit fabrics rather than woven fabrics. Woven fabric is made of strands of warp going in one direction and strands of weft going 90 degrees to the warp and weaving in and out of the warp yarns. The resulting fabric has very little stretch to it.Knitted fabric is made of a single strand of yarn with row upon row of loops pulled through loops. We then took it one step further and started working with the most modern advances in hi-tech fabrics to be able to create the most convenient & perfect shirt.

Fabric Characteristics 

Warm & Cool: The process of knitting creates pockets of air within the material making it adapt to the environment. When it is cold outside, the pockets of air act as insulation by trapping heat next to the body lending additional warmth. When it is warm outside, the fabric will not absorb your sweat, therefore it won’t stick to your body as the wind passes through the air holes keeping the fabric dry as well as nice and cool.

Quick Dry Technology: bicomponent materials composed of a non-absorbent material on the inside and an absorbent material on the outside. The absorbent material on the outside draws the moisture away from the skin while the non-absorbent material keeps the skin dry. This Innovation in synthetic fabrics does not absorb water as easily as cotton, and repels small water molecules, which will keep the fabric dry, or allows it to become dry very quickly.

Breathable Fabric & Less Body Odor: Looping of the fibers process builds many micro-spaces inside the yarn enabling the air to pass through both ways, making the fabric more breathable. This will allow the fabric to dry and evaporate sweat very quickly and prevent clothes from sticking to the body.

Elasticity: Knit fabrics are more elastic then woven allowing them to be more flattering to the human body. Woven fabrics can only stretch in one direction parallel to the weave, as knit can stretch in any direction due to the stitches being in loops and bending in any direction without stressing the knit material.

Weight: Full of air and loosely bounded together, knitted fabrics are much lighter than woven. Being that the yarn is looped together, it uses much less yarn to create the fabric. In woven fabrics, strands are tightly packed together and several criss-cross over one another, making the overall fabric much heavier.

Convenience: The hi-tech fabrics are made of performance synthetic fibers making them wrinkle-free and super easy care. They do not need to be dry cleaned and can be easily washed and dried without any shrinkage at all.


What is the Future of Anton Alexander?

Anton Alexander began with pure passion to fuel the start up. Nearly 4 years of research has gone into the business. The business began with the principles of innovation around the apparel (fabrics, fit, trims/notions, design) as well as the business side which consists of manufacturing for the entire collection in-house.  We are focusing on connecting without customers more than the competition. We want to create a reward system for our loyal customers, which also consists of a social interaction system on the website that enables you to create a profile and track your entire purchase history as well as a point system for not only purchases but also for interacting. We will enable our customers to post pictures of themselves wearing our collection because fashion isn’t just what you wear, it is a lifestyle.