How Does Anton Alexander Mens Dress Shirt Sizing Work?

Our shirt sizing is fairly standard to the shirt market. The trendy shirt fit is a more tapered cut around the entire body. We allow custom sizing at no additional cost as well. At checkout, there is a box for additional notes, there you can add your custom sizing options or changes that you would like. 

The Bottom Of The Shirts

The bottom is tapered more on the sides and hangs just low enough to tuck the shirt in or can be left untucked as a style as well. Both fitted and modern fit are the same.

Difference Between Fitted & Modern Fit

The sizing is based on the current trendy and more popular European shirts and they fit more “fitted” regardless. Of course, the modern fit is a bit more relaxed.  

Sleeves: The fitted will have about .75″ less circumference in the arms over the modern fit.

Shoulders: The shoulders are .75″  tighter on the fitted.

Chest:  The Fitted is 1.5″ tighter in the chest compared to the modern fit. 

Waist: The biggest difference is here, the fitted is 2.5″ tighter in the waist over the modern fit. This is because there are darts on the back of the fitted.

Hip:  The Fitted is 1″ tighter in the hip (bottom of the shirt) compared to the modern fit. 

Neck: No difference 

Sleeve Length:  No difference 

Anton Alexander Sizing

Measurement Tips

  • Neck
    Measure a shirt collar that fits you well. Lay collar flat and measure from center of collar button to far end of collar buttonhole. (Alternatively measure around the base of your neck where collar fits comfortably.)
  • Chest
    Lift your arms slightly and measure around your body, crossing over the fullest part of your chest.
  • Sleeve
    With forearm parallel to the chest, measure from the back center of the neck around the elbow to the wrist bone. (Alternatively, measure a well-fitting shirt, fold at shoulder and measure the same as above.)
  • (Optional) Shirt Length: If you would like a custom length of shirt more/less, the height is required.


Athletic Fit Dress Shirts

Athletic fit dress shirts are a fairly new category of fit. The majority of dress shirts are mass produced to fit as many people as possible. The problem with that system is the shirts are a bit more bigger in the waist. The athletic fit dress shirts are designed for guys that are more muscular upper-body and need more room in the shoulders, chest, and upper arms, but still need much more tapered in the waist area. 

The modern fit and the traditional fit might fit the individual in the upper chest and shoulders area, but the waist is almost always too baggy. 

The slim fit is the other newer option that trims the sleeves and shoulders up a bit and makes the chest and waist a much tighter fit all the way through. The problem then becomes that the waist may fit great but then the chest is too tight. 

The athletic fit dress shirts category was created to solve this dilemma. There are a few elements that matter in the athletic fit. 


Generally the neck is about the same size as the modern or slim fit. In some cases the neck is a slight bit larger and we can add .25”-.5” to the neck to help accommodate that.


The overall sleeve length is usually not an issue with the authentic fit, but the circumference is. In some cases the bicep area needs to be expanded a bit allowing for more room for the biceps as well as the armhole area.


Shoulders and chest go hand and hand together. We can lower the armhole area and extend the yolk a bit to add to the shoulders as well as widen the chest area to allow for more room everywhere from shoulders to chest. 


The waist is almost always an issue with being too baggy or boxy. Usually the shirt doesn’t slim down aggressively enough from the chest to fit a trim waist. We can add darts on the back to bring it in a few inches and even trim extra fabric from the hip area if more is needed. 

Essentially there are 2 ways we can create the perfect athletic fit dress shirts with us.

  1. Start with the modern fit base. Then add darts to the back of the shirt, and trim the waist and hip area a few inches. 
  2. Start with the fitted base. Then lower the armhole opening a bit and extend the yolk half an inch. Also add a couple inches to the chest allowing for chest/shoulder area to broaden. The waist on the fitted is well tapered as it is, but we can tailor even more if necessary.