Things Come Together Like A Huge Puzzle

The most important factor to create these quality shirts is the equipment. Anton did a lot of homework on what it took to not only make these designer dress shirts, but how to make them with the highest possible quality. He found that the brand Juki is the best company for industrial sewing machines. But the other factor is that they are by far the most expensive too. He was on a mission to get whatever it took regardless of how much it set him back. The other struggle is that he lived in Indiana. Right in the middle of nowhere when it came to high fashion anything. He found a dealer in Chicago area that was able to import the machine heads from Japan, and assemble them on custom built tables. He rented a large trailer and picked them up from Chicago in early February 2013 just after Kickstarter project ended. This was only the beginning. He created his own 8’x4′ cutting table,  purchased a large self-healing cutting mat, cutting and marking equipment and many shelves for all the fabrics. With his skills from the previous career, he was able to use photoshop to create his own labels and buttons.

The Equipment

All brand new Juki computerized industrial sewing machines imported from Japan.


The Labels

Black woven labels with a metallic thread.
The Buttons (& Cufflinks)

Pearl white and gloss black with a metallic brass chrome plated ring. We use a true stainless steel cufflink that comes with every French cuff shirt.



The Thread

Yes, the thread makes a big difference in quality! We use the highest quality industrial thread on the market. The thread is a poly core, which wraps polyester fiber over a continuous filament core combines the best of both cotton and poly thread worlds. The fiber surface provides the flexibility and smoothness for excellent sewing performance, while the continuous filament core increases the strength of the thread.

The Interfacing 

There are 3 types of interfacing used on our shirts. The lightest weight interfacing is a woven interfacing used on the button placket that does all the way down the center of the shirt where the buttons are placed, as well as on the other side where the buttonholes are made. The same weight is used on the inner and outer collar bands of the neck. The lightweight is used on the areas that need to flex the most. Then we use the crispest interfacing we could find for the cuffs in a medium weight. It is used on the outside of barrel cuffs and on both sides on French Cuffs. Lastly, we use the crispest interfacing we could find in the world for the collar. We also use 2 layers of this interfacing on each collar. We believe a crisp collar that stands up tall without any starch looks and wears very nicely.


The Accent Fabrics

We have been sourcing accent fabrics from all over the world and have many many options available. We are over 1000+ now including paisleys, florals, plaids, solids, niche specific, holiday, and much more. We even have glow in the dark fabrics, metallics, and other specialty others.

Contrast Fabrics

Production is in full swing and there is no turning back! Everything we make is 100% contructed in the USA.