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Mens Designer Dress Shirt : Devious

Bright Red Dress Shirts

All Anton Alexander bright red dress shirts are made in USA proudly. Our vision is destined to be among the finest among menswear. The shirts are available in two different types, slim fit and modern fit. This mens shirt is red with red/black/white paisley contrast. There is contrast stitching over the contrast fabrics and buttonholes. Each mens dress shirt has a unique brass chrome ring double button design and double stitched purl buttonholes.

  • 100%  Bright Red Japanese Supremo Cotton
  • Brass ring double button design
  • Unique contrast stitching over all the contast fabrics
  • Purl double stitched buttonholes

Below is the size chart for Anton Alexander bright red dress shirts 

bright red dress shirtsWhat makes Anton Alexander Shirts unique?

Visually Obvious Principles: Each Anton Alexander mens shirt has a lots of detail from unique design elements of the cuffs and collar, to the double buttons and contrast colored stitching. Even notions are used in ways never seen in men’s fashion. When color is used for the shirt, it is the brightest possible colors on the market.

Pattern For Fit: The traditional shirt pattern has been strategically tailored to fit your body better and even look better.

Fabric Innovation: Some styles are compressed with unique blends. Of course we do use 100% super fine cotton with finishes that give it a gorgeous shine. But we also use cotton blended with synthetics for unique looks and easy care.

Our Vision

What you wear makes a huge impact on your attitude as well as what others think about you. That is why our dress shirts made in the USA, makes a loud statement and empower your attitude with confidence. Each item is crafted with impeccable attention to detail with a very vibrant yet classy twist, all for the purpose to make you feel very powerful and bold. With the use of innovative tactics to bring the most modernized feel with unique fabric blends, notions, and trim in a way that has never been done before in menswear. Men’s fashion has not had innovation in many years. This is a new era, and it is time for a shift in men’s fashion.

Because our bright red dress shirts are made in the states, we create a new platform where we can deliver designer, high quality fashion, faster, and for much less then the competition. Instead of selling to a retailer and them marketing it up, we will go direct to you as the customer and be able to deliver a custom design shirt for almost half the cost by cutting out the middle man.