Teal and Tan Dress Shirts

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Anton Alexander Teal and Tan Dress Shirts are designed and made in the USA with great pride. Anton Alexander shirts are available in two different types, slim fit, and modern fit. These Teal and Tan Dress Shirts are made with teal moisture wicking fabric with tan swirl accent fabric. The fabric is ultra light, easy care, and wrinkle-free. This new innovative fabric technology gives you many great benefits. Not only is it breathable for hot days, but it also has moisture wicking technology. This eliminates the concept of sweaty armpits. The unique fabric blend is also wrinkle-free and super easy care. The entire shirt weighs less than 9oz. The design has contrast stitching over contrast fabrics and buttonholes. Every shirt has a unique brushed nickel ring double button design with double purl stitched buttonholes.

  • All Anton Alexander dress shirts are made in the USA.
  • Teal moisture-wicking main shirting fabric.
  • Tan swirl accent contrast fabric.
  • Special synthetic fabric blends for easy movement.
  • Easy Care & Wrinkle Free Technology.
  • Ultra Light Fabric weighing the entire shirt under 9oz.


Below is the size chart for Anton Alexander Teal and Tan Dress Shirts

Teal and Tan Dress Shirts

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Anton Alexander Teal and Tan Dress Shirts Characteristics 

Warm & Cool: The process of knitting creates pockets of air within the material making it adapt to the environment. When it is cold outside, the pockets of air act as insulation by trapping heat next to the body lending additional warmth. When it is warm outside, the fabric will not absorb your sweat, therefore it won’t stick to your body as the wind passes through the air holes keeping the fabric dry as well as nice and cool.
Quick Dry Technology: bicomponent materials composed of a non-absorbent material on the inside and an absorbent material on the outside. The absorbent material on the outside draws the moisture away from the skin while the non-absorbent material keeps the skin dry. This Innovation in synthetic fabrics does not absorb water as easily as cotton, and repels small water molecules, which will keep the fabric dry, or allows it to become dry very quickly.

Breathable Fabric & Less Body Odor: Looping of the fibers process builds many micro-spaces inside the yarn enabling the air to pass through both ways, making the fabric more breathable. This will allow the fabric to dry and evaporate sweat very quickly and prevent clothes from sticking to the body.

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Elasticity: Knit fabrics are more elastic then woven allowing them to be more flattering to the human body. Woven fabrics can only stretch in one direction parallel to the weave, as knit can stretch in any direction due to the stitches being in loops and bending in any direction without stressing the knit material.

Beach Themed Dress ShirtsWeight: Full of air and loosely bounded together, knitted fabrics are much lighter than woven. Being that the yarn is looped together, it uses much less yarn to create the fabric. In woven fabrics, strands are tightly packed together and several criss-cross over one another, making the overall fabric much heavier.
Convenience: The hi-tech fabrics are made of performance synthetic fibers making them wrinkle-free and super easy care. They do not need to be dry cleaned and can be easily washed and dried without any shrinkage at all.